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Blind & Hässlich

GER, 2017, 98 (min)
World Premiere

  • Director: Tom Lass
  • Cast: Naomi Achternbusch, Tom Lass, Clara Schramm

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Tom Lass

With over 40 credits as an actor, he founded LASS BROS Productions with his brother Jacob, and debuted with 2011s “Papa Gold”, winning Achtung Berlin’s Critic’s Prize. His follow up »Kaptn Oskar« won 2013s German Independence Award. And with his FIPRESCI Awarded 3rd feature, the mumblecore master returns to Oldenburg.

Ferdi is fed up with himself. He hates the guy he sees in the mirror every morning: unkempt beard, bad posture and whatever else could be possible wrong with him. Expecting others to react with the same sense of revulsion, he retreats into self-destructive social isolation. But then he meets Jona, who is blind and therefore oblivious to Ferdi’s perceived ugliness – allowing him to once again jump into the cold water of social interaction. Finally able to let himself go, Ferdi allows himself the illusion of security – but it is a fragile one, since Jona only pretends to be blind to reap the advantages of the disability, for example when it comes to finding an apartment. Director Tom Lass’ “Blind & Hässlich”, which was already honored with a FIPRESCI award, is a wonderful journey from unlimited self-hate to playful self-reflection. The characters’ development is so tangible and the leading actors so superbly charming that this lovely trip about introspection and acceptance is certainly worth taking.


cine k/Studio 14.09.17 - 19:00
theater hof /19 15.09.17 - 16:30