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Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

THA, 2017, 93 (min)

  • Director: Mouly Surya
  • Cast: Marsha Timothy, Dea Panendra, Egi Fedly, Yoga Pratama

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Mouly Surya

Considered one of the most promising female filmmakers in Indonesia, following Film & Television studies in Australia, she debuted with 2008’s award-winning “Fiski”. Her 2nd feature premiered in Sundance in 2013, and was lauded internationally. Her 3rd feature premiered in Cannes. 

Mouly Surya’s riveting revenge showdown brings us an “Eastern Western” that feels as fresh as if she’d been the one to invent the genre. The third ever film from Indonesia to premier at Directors Fortnight in Cannes. Marlina, a young widow in the deserted hills of an Indonesian island, has a bloody surprise in store for the gang that brutally attacks her. The bandit’s machismo is amputated upon their poor and unfortunate choice of victim - quite literally. Killing the five robbers, including Markus, their leader, Marlina sets on a journey into town. With a souvenir. Markus’ severed head in a tow. A rewarding blend of genre with sublime art-house sensibilities and a touch of Jodorowsky’s psychedelic style, the film attacks male dominance in Southeast Asia with feminist ferociousness, while highlighting the indigenous women’s unique air of mystery, sensuality and reliance.
With poignant exploration of a woman’s position in society. »Marlina The Murder in Four Acts« is a remarkable example of the “importation” of an idiosyncratic culture onto the stage of contemporary world cinema.


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