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Reversal of Fortune

USA, 1990, 111 (min)
, OmeU

  • Director: Barbet Schroeder
  • Cast: Jeremy Irons, Glenn Close, Ron Silver

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Barbet Schroeder

Realistically, Sunny von Bülow should not be able to speak anymore. The rich heiress is in a coma that she shall never wake from. But it is Glenn Close’s voice that draws us into this tragicomedy of manners. Without being able to move, Sunny lies in her bed, reminding us that – despite being on the sidelines – she is the real heroine of this story. The center of attention are her husband Claus, who in 1982 was found guilty on two counts of attempted murder and his attorney, Alan Dershowitz, who on appeal now tries to reverse someone’s fortune. Barbet Schroeder’s cinematic adaptation of Dershowitz’ non-fiction account mixes several genres and sensibilities. »Reversal of Fortune« is a classic American and at the same time very European film. Like Hollywood’s classic courtroom dramas, it recounts a seemingly futile fight for justice. But unlike most films of that genre, here there’s never any doubt that justice and truth might very well not be the same thing. Schroeder most elegantly projects a fascinating ambivalence, allowing Jeremy Irons great freedom in the role of the defendant. His Claus von Bülow is almost unbearably arrogant, but also terribly charming.


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