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Winter Brothers

DEN, ISL, 2017, 94 (min)
, OmeU
German Premiere

  • Director: Hlynur Palmason
  • Cast: Elliott Crosset Hove, Simon Sears, Lars Mikkelsen

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Hlynur Palmason

The Icelandic-born artist & filmmaker’s graduate short from the Danish National Film School, “A Painter”, was nominated for The Danish Film Academy Awards. Parallel with his art exhibitions, his shorts have garnered critical acclaim. Premiering in Locarno where it swept 4 Awards, his feature debut is breathtaking.

From the pitch-black depths of a rural chalk mine - a light appears. And the odyssey of two brothers begins. Following the helmet flashlight of a miner, we journey to back to the blinding white snow covered surface of a harsh winter. But not before a routine swig of Emil’s homemade moonshine is passed around and shared. As unlike his older brother, and fellow miner, Johan, Emil has few other assets of offer. An odd misfit unwilling to fit in, he’s only accepted by the tight-knit mining community because of the charming and attractive Johan. And when not stealing chemicals from the factory to punch up his brew, or underwear from the window of Ana – the object of his desire, he spends time with an old VHS Tutorial video, practicing rifle poises in the nude. But secretly longing for love and respect, when Ana falls for Johan, an explosion goes off inside of him. And when a miner falls critically ill – and his questionable booze is the culprit, winter suddenly gets colder in this lack of love odyssey of brothers. Visually breathtaking, Pálmason’s debut marks the arrival of an astounding new voice in cinema.


Casablanca 2 16.09.17 - 21:30
cine k /Muvi 17.09.17 - 14:30