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UK, 2017, 99 (min)
World Premiere

  • Director: Simon Rumley
  • Cast: Justin Salinger

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Simon Rumley

Hailed ‘One of the great British cinematic outsiders’ by Screen International, Simon Rumley’s 2010 award-winning »Red White & Blue« premiered at SXSW, Rotterdam and Oldenburg. The successful horror anthologies, 2011’s »Little Deaths« and 2012’s »ABCs of Death« screened SXSW and TIFF.

October 1968. The Sunday Times organized the “race of the century”. The Golden Globe challenge - a single-handed nonstop voyage around the world. For Donald Crowhurst, a simple electronics engineer and father of four this was the ultimate ticket to turn his life around, save his failing business and capture greatness. Of the nine competitors, the press hypes 35-year-old underdog as the “dark horse of the sea”. Starting from scratch, Crowhurst builts his boat and sets sails, little did he know that his brave voyage would ultimately plunge him into the darkest depths of madness. While the race goes on around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope, Crowhurst drifts off across the Atlantic and reaches Argentina. He goes ashore and decides to sneak back into the race once the others pass by on their last leg back to England. Poignant and ominous, Rumley’s film breathes with the surrealism of Bunuel and carries us gently into the self-destructive power of human loneliness.


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