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CAN, 2017, 78 (min)
World Premiere

  • Director: Karl R. Hearne
  • Cast: Hugh Tompson, Lola Flanery

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Karl R. Hearne

Montreal based director Karl R. Hearne graduated from the University of Nanjing in China. His shorts premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, SXSW and New Directors/New Films. Weaving genres in a searing portrait of human fragility, the World Premiere of “Touched” marks his feature debut.

Once a week Gabriel gets on a bus and drives across town to a bakery to wander on the border between the present and the past. The bakery used to be an orphanage and he was one of the lost souls stuck in it. Lonely and unsettled by any kind of human connection, he has created a life for himself that is nearly devoid of love and human interaction as the landlord of a seedy establishment. When one of his renters disappears, he fears for the worst. In his dreams he meets a little girl in the now empty apartment who is as shy and distressed as he himself. Again and again he returns to the scene of the possible crime and the girl, slowly developing a relationship built on a fragile semblance of trust. And while the police outside is looking for a murderer, Gabriel is now torn between his past and his present and has to choose between his dreams and reality. Director Hearne’s sensitive feature debut slowly and carefully explores the fissures between crime, drama and mystery – taking us on a journey into the sad and frail mind of his protagonist. A film as unique, as fragile and as beautiful as a crystal.


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