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Thirst Street

FR, USA, 2017, 83 (min)
German Premiere

  • Director: Nathan Silver
  • Cast: Lindsay Burdge, Damien Bonnard, Angelica Huston, Lola Bessis

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Nathan Silver

The New Yorker calls him “a modernistic master of melodrama”. The NYU Tisch grad filmmaker revels in pushing boundaries. With 8 features to his credit, he’s been lauded at Fests worldwide. 2016’s “Actor Martinez” starred Lindsay Burdge, who returns to Oldenburg in his latest wickedly wonderful offering.

Alone and depressed after the suicide of her lover, an American flight attendant, Gina (Lindsay Burdge “A Teacher”), wanders the streets of Paris with her colleagues during a layover. Attempting to cheer her, they bribe a fortune teller to foresee a great love in her near future. Given a clue that he will be revealed by something distinguished in his eyes, hope awakens in her. And through the dimmed red lights of a seedy nightclub, she spots him – the bartender, Jerome. Swollen and infected with conjunctivitis, his diseased eye is the sign she’s been waiting for – and he is the man of her dreams. Opting to stay in France, she dives headfirst into the sea of love. But for Jerome, their rendezvous is little more than a promiscuous puddle. And when his sexy ex re-enters the picture, the floodgates of unrequited love swing wide open, and Gina discovers that while disease is contagious, love is not. Zooming in on the chaos of her mind, Nathan Silver delivers a delightfully delirious portrait of amour fou. And like a female Don Quixote, Lindsay Burdge is brilliantly unflinching in her relentless quest to find that most important and ridiculous windmill in life: love.


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