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ARG, 2016, 75 (min)
German Premiere

  • Director: Moroco Colman
  • Cast: Sofía Lanaro, María Ucedo, Lisandro Rodríguez, Eva Bianco, Jean Pierre Noher

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Moroco Colman

The Argentinian-born filmmaker studied architecture at Córdoba's Catholic University and film at La Metro. Inspired by his short film of the same, and using 3 different screen formats, for this feature debut he’s already garnered Best Film & Best New Director Nominations. A visionary new voice.

A weekend at the lake. Carla and Martina meet for the first time in what seems an eternity. The mood is somewhat cold and tense. There seems to be something these two old friends need to discuss, which this weekend seems perfect for. But before they get things out of the way, another conflict emerges. Carla finds out that Martina dates the much older Diego, her stepmother’s oldest son, to live out her sexual fantasies. This sexually explicit Argentinian drama describes the chronology of an estrangement and the inability to talk about it. Director Colman tells his story by using a technical trick that will separate the story into three segments made of envy, affection and passion: he changes the film’s aspect ratio from an intimate 4:3 to the distant panorama of Cinemascope. That way he can bring us closer, just to push us back into the distance, moving from intensive insights into the female psyche to the panorama of a sensitive family quarrel.


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