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PR12: Tragic comedy “Oh Boy” to open the 19th Oldenburg Film Festival


Young German director Jan Ole Gerster proves with Oh Boy that good cinema does not necessarily has to come out of Hollywood. Refreshing, innovative and told with competent restraint, the black and white film draws the audience in with every scene.

Gerster’s debut film achieves the remarkable feat to capture the prevailing mood of a young generation. Oh Boy is furthermore a portrait of a city and a true Berlin movie. It pays homage to the German capital and at the same time it is a personal reckoning with the city’s scene. The film presents Gerster’s ambivalent view in a highly authentic and honest fashion. Tom Schilling really comes to live in the role of Niko. Justus von Dohnányi, Michael Gwisdeck, Friederike Kempter, Mark Hosemann, Katharina Schüttler, RP Kahl, Inga Birkenfeld and Ulrich Noethen round out the terrific cast.

The film opens the festival on Wednesday September 12th, 7pm at the EWE Arena Oldenburg. More than 1000 guests can attend the festive opening gala. The film will be presented by director Jan Ole Gerster and members of his cast. Oh Boy is a Schiwagofilm production and is released by X-Verleih in Germany on November 1st.

The film:

Niko drifts through Berlin. He has quit university, his checking account is frozen and there is nowhere he can find good coffee. He is too bourgeois and too self-reflecting to be a real slacker. His shrink is worried about his emotional state and his girlfriend has sent him packing, but he is no urban neurotic. His perception is too smart and he rests within himself. Niko’s passive behavior is provocative, desperate and melancholic. But still there is a fine sense of humor in the dialogues and character constellations, which are so typical for contemporary Berlin. Niko watches the other people, meets the outsiders, the blockheads, argues with ignoramuses and smart alecs. Without realizing it, he increasingly becomes a loner himself. It takes a chance encounter and a surprise from the past to make him face the consequences of his prolonged inactivity. Oh Boy has excellent actors even in the smallest supporting roles and a stylish and slick jazz soundtrack.

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