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PR09: Oldenburg Film Festival presents the festival trailer and further film highlights


Festival director Torsten Neumann took the opportunity of the festival’s annual press conference on August 14th 2012 to present the new festival trailer, which starts nationwide in more than 50 cinemas. The three minute short was shot on location in Oldenburg in July. The trailer is based on Billy Wilder’s classic “The Lost Weekend”. Jan Plewka takes on the Oscar winning part of Ray Milland, who is reminiscing at the bar. Arno Frisch is his counterpart pouring drinks. Friends of the festival will relish in the chosen location: It is Oldenburg’s legendary bar Marvin’s – home to the annual festival party on Thursday. Thomas Stiller directed and helmer Philipp Sichler shot the story about the visionary dreamer in stylish black and white.

Neumann went on to present several film highlights:

Sadly Ben Gazzara passed away earlier this year. The legendary actor was guest of honor in Oldenburg in 2001. Director Joseph Rezwin has now produced a highly personal documentary about the New Yorker. Gazzara portraits the man behind the actor. Blood is thicker than water, that holds true for the characters in Booster as well. Indie-icon Seymour Cassel, who lends his name to a new award at the festival this year, plays in this gripping tale about a Boston crime-family. Hollywood star Famke Janssen’s heart beats for independent films. Her directing debut is the impressive Bringing up Bobby. Trickster Olive, portrayed by Milla Jovovich, escapes to Oklahoma to get away from her criminal past but is soon faced with tough decisions. Kristen Sheridan’s Dollhouse shows a group of teenagers breaking into a rich family home in the suburbs of Dublin. Sheridan shows considerable courage in casting only amateur actors, but she is rewarded by highly authentic performances. The Taiwan Oyster is Mark Jarrett’s directing debut and will see its international premier in Oldenburg. The film is a transcendental travel through death and culture across the Chinese island. Outrage Beyond is one of the festival’s highlights. The German premier of the latest Takeshi Kitano offering comes to the festival directly from Venice where it sees its world premier. An equally impressive and frightening film is Michal Kowakowski’s Zero Killed. Kowakowski has ordinary people act out their secret murder fantasies – sometimes as the victim sometimes as the murderer.

A special focus is given to music documentaries this year. Butch Walker – Out of Focus portrays a musician who has helped stars like Avril Lavigne or Pink to fame with his songwriting but remained relatively obscure outside music insider circles. In Oldenburg Walker will play a special gig at the local prison. Ramona  S. Diaz show us that rock ‘n roll dreams can really come true. Don’t stop believin’: Everyman’s Journey is a film about one man’s epic quest to become the frontman of a legendary rock band. The grandfather of all independent music films Stony Island, has been given a digital rejuvenation treatment. Andrew Davis co-wrote the script for his debut film in 1978 together with Tamar Simon Hoffs, whose daughter Susanna, later of The Bangles fame, gave her acting debut in this great Chicago R&B tale. Lil’ Buck is Ole Schell’s tale about a magnificent dancer, who came from the streets of Atlanta to conquer the stages of the world, culminating in a giant event in Peking where he shares the stage with Yo-Yo Ma and Meryl Streep. The documentary The Punk Syndrome follows Finland’s most unusual band on tour. Every member of Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät has some sort of mental handicap, but despite their condition the band rocks the stage night in and night out.

A further highlight is the PAH Fest Intercontinental 2012. Christopher Coppola, who comes to Oldenburg for the fourth time, brings his latest project to the banks of the Hunte river. PAH (Project Accessible Hollywood) offers teenagers the chance to create their own films using prosumer equipment. Coppola follows the vision of his uncle Francis Ford in using cutting edge technology to raise enthusiasm for film making. In Oldenburg he will work with students of Freie Waldorfschule Oldenburg, who are joined by students at the Pacoima Charter School in L.A. The Oldenburg audience will get the chance to vote online for the winning films.

The festival saw new budget cuts in 2012 but is happy to announce a number of new sponsors. CEWE COLOR AG is a new premium sponsor, while City Airport Bremen, Turkish Airlines and Flyerheaven are new sponsoring partners.

The festival thanks its longstanding partners and supporters:

Supporter: nordmedia/ EFRE Förderung und die Stadt Oldenburg.
Main Sponsor: Die OLB - Oldenburgische Landesbank
Premium Sponsor: EWE AG und CEWE COLOR AG
Sponsors: Airport Bremen, Turkish Airlines, ACARA Hotel, Männermode Bruns, Audi Zentrum Oldenburg, altera Hotel & Restaurant and Flyerheaven
Media Partner: Nordwest Zeitung

You can find images, the trailer and film stills on the festival’s website in the press download section.

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