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Retrospective for Iranian filmmaker Mania Akbari


"Cinema can raise awareness. That's why it is so dangerous for governments trying to prevent this“ – Mania Akbari

For the first time ever, the films and video installations of the award winning artist will be shown in Germany.

The 20th Oldenburg Interantional Film Festival honors an outstanding artist with the retrospective for Mania Akbari. Her daring and impressive works are strong statements for artistic freedom. Mania Akbari will attend the festival in Oldenburg.

Retrospective Mania Akbari
1. Ten (2002)     by Abbas Kiarostami – 91 min.
2. Crystal (2003) by Mania Akbari & Mahmood Ayden - 54 min. - Documentary
3. 20 Fingers (2004) by Mania Akbari - 72 min.
4. 10 + 4 (2007) by Mania Akbari - 78 min.
5. One.Two.One (2011) by Mania Akbari 79 min.
6. From Teheran To London (2012) by Mania Akbari – 45 min.