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Music documentaries feature at Oldenburg Film Festival


New special section revisits old classics and presents exciting highlights


A special focus is given to music documentaries this year. Butch Walker – Out of Focus portrays a musician who has helped stars like Avril Lavigne or Pink to fame with his songwriting but remained relatively obscure outside music insider circles. In Oldenburg Walker will play a special gig at the local prison.

Ramona  S. Diaz show us that rock ‘n roll dreams can really come true. Don’t stop believin’: Everyman’s Journey is a film about one man’s epic quest to become the frontman of a legendary rock band.

The grandfather of all independent music films Stony Island, has been given a digital rejuvenation treatment. Andrew Davis co-wrote the script for his debut film in 1978 together with Tamar Simon Hoffs, whose daughter Susanna, later of The Bangles fame, gave her acting debut in this great Chicago R&B tale.

Lil’ Buck is Ole Schell’s tale about a magnificent dancer, who came from the streets of Atlanta to conquer the stages of the world, culminating in a giant event in Peking where he shares the stage with Yo-Yo Ma and Meryl Streep.

The documentary The Punk Syndrome follows Finland’s most unusual band on tour. Every member of Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät has some sort of mental handicap, but despite their condition the band rocks the stage night in and night out.