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news overview > Christopher Coppola presents PAH Fest Intercontinental

Christopher Coppola presents PAH Fest Intercontinental


Student-film-project premiers at Oldenburg Film Festival


One of the many highlights at this year's festival will be the PAH Fest Intercontinental 2012. Christopher Coppola, who comes to Oldenburg for the fourth time, brings his latest project to the banks of the Hunte river. PAH (Project Accessible Hollywood) offers teenagers the chance to create their own films using prosumer equipment. Coppola follows the vision of his uncle Francis Ford in using cutting edge technology to raise enthusiasm for film making. In Oldenburg he will work with students of Freie Waldorfschule Oldenburg, who are joined by students at the Pacoima Charter School in L.A. The Oldenburg audience will get the chance to vote online for the winning films.