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Introducing the Seymour Cassel Award


Indie-icon lends name to new award for outstanding acting perfomance

There is hardly an actor who better embodies the passion and love for independent cinema than American performer Seymour Cassel. For more than 50 years he has been working in front of the camera and is revered for his work with John Cassavetes while being THE face of independent cinema. Sam Peckinpah, Don Siege, Kenn Russell and Alender Rockwell or Wes Anderson have used his luminous qualities. For his performance in Cassavetes’ “Faces” Cassel was nominated for an Oscar.

The festival is honored to have such a great actor lend his name to the new award for best acting performance. Seymour Cassel will be attending the festival to present the Seymour Cassel Award for the first time in person at the 19th Oldenburg International Film Festival. The winner will be selected from all the actors from the films nominated for the German Independence Award: Best German Film and will be decided upon by the international jury. The German Independence Award was introduced in 2004 and now features four categories. In the nine years of its existence it has become a major award for young and independent filmmaking of international recognition.