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news overview > Festival films continue to rake in the awards / Detlef Rossmann receives knighthood / ”Atmen” nominated for European Film Award

Festival films continue to rake in the awards / Detlef Rossmann receives knighthood / ”Atmen” nominated for European Film Award


»Festival films continue to rake in the awards«

One month has passed since the 18th Oldenburg Film Festival has ended, but the films shown here continue to be successful on the festival circuit and at the box office.

Many Oldenburg films made it to this year’s Sitges Festival, Europeans premiere event for fantasy and horror films. “The Theatre Bizarre” by David Gregory, Buddy Giovinazzo, Douglas Buck, Richard Stanley, Tom Savini, Karim Hussain, and Jeremy Kasten, which caused some Oldenburg viewers to faint, played alongside “22nd of May” by Koen Mortier and “Road to Nowhere” by auteur Monte Hellman.

“The Theatre Bizarre” will next stop in South America at the Festival del Cine Fantástico in Santiago de Chile on October 18th. On October 29th it has its US-premiere at New York’s Lincoln Center as part of the annual Scary Movies Series. Before that it travels to Canada to be screened at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival on October 23rd.

A continuing success is also the film shown at Oldenburg’s gala screening in the St. Lamberti Church. Having received minutes of standing ovations in Oldenburg captured the imagination of American cinema goers as well, opening US-wide to a good box office draw highlighted by the grand premiere at Los Angeles and a special charity gala in New York attended by Bill Clinton and others.

The films from the Independent Section have made their way into several big festivals. Martial arts drama “Brawler” by Chris Sivertson opened the New Orleans Film Festival. Oldenburg’s audience favorite “Happy New Year” won the award for best film at the Anna’s Vision / North Country Film Festival. And the film has been selected for the Indie Filmfest at the Hamptons, where he is joined by Matthew Modine’s “Jesus Was a Commie” and “Natural Selection”. Robbie Pickering’s debut film has won the audience award at Athens Film Festival and opened the Tacoma Film Festival since being shown in Oldenburg.

Another award was won by “Pig” by Henry Barrial. At L.A.’s Shriekfest it took home the best film award. “Pig” will be screened at festivals in Orlando and St. Louis next.

German selection “Der Brand” goes international. After being included into the Festival of German Film in Paris the film was invited to India’s Goa Film Festival.


»Detlef Rossmann receives knighthood«

Heartfelt congratulations are in order for Detlef Rossmann. On October 10th the director of the AG Kino Gilde e.V. and owner of the Casablanca Cinema in Oldenburg, who is a long standing supporter of the Oldenburg Film Festival, was honored with the knighthood of the French Order of Art and Literature (Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts er des Lettres). The knighthood reflects his continued commitment for international cinema policy and the European arthouse cinema as president of the Confédération Internationnale des Cinémas d'Art et d'Essai (CICAE). His special work for the French school film series Cinéfête and the French-German cultural exchange was also honored. The knighthood was presented at the French embassy in Berlin by Ambassador Bernard de Montferrand.


»”Atmen” nominated for European Film Award«

Last week the European Film Academy announced the debut films nominated for this year’s European Film Award. Among the nominees: The Austrian “Atmen” by Karl Markovics. The film was included in the contest for the German Independence Award – Best German Film this year and was screened to the inmates of Oldenburg prison. Austrian actor and director Karl Markovics shows a terrific sense for social realism in his debut film. 19year old Roman Kogler is about to be released from prison, but his outlook is bleak. He is reclusive, has no friends or family and seems not fit for the live outside his cell.

The five nominees will be watched by all 2.500 members of the European Film Academy. They will vote for the winner, which will be announced during the 24th European Film Award ceremony held in Berlin on December 3rd.

In August it was announced that “Atmen” will be Austria’s entry for consideration as best foreign language film at the next Oscar’s. The films will be announced in January 2012. “Atmen” is released in German cinemas on December 8th.