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news overview > „German Independence Award – Best German Film“. The nominees.

„German Independence Award – Best German Film“. The nominees.


Four outstanding German language indies are competing for the prestigious award

Breathing: Austrian actor and first time director Karl Markovics is presenting an impressive piece of social realism with his debut feature. 19year old Roman Kogler (Thomas Schubert) is about to be released from prison but he is ill prepared for the life outside – reclusive, solitary and with no contact to his family he seems bound to fail. “Breathing” is released in Germany on December 8th by ThimFilm Verleih. It was selected as the Austrian entry for the Oscar 2012.

Dr. Ketel: The graduation film by Anna and Linus de Paoli is set in the near future. Health care has become too expensive for ordinary citizens and the black market for prescription drugs is run by ruthless security companies. In this shady world the philanthropist Dr. Ketel tries to care for his patients, but he is hunted by the mysterious Louise, played by none other than Amanda Plummer.

Headshots: Director, editor and writer Lawrence Tooley presents his first feature film project. Marianne (Loretta Pflaum) is a Berlin fashion photographer, who realizes that her life in the city of creative and hip people has reached a dead end. When she learns that she is pregnant and a model dies during a photo-shoot her life unravels. Headshots is a film about self realization, false love and painful truths.

The Fire: Director Brigitte Maria Bertele tells the story of 35year old Judith who is raped on her way home. She fights the memories of the crime but the destructive energies begin to change her life. “Der Brand” is an intense portrait of a woman who repeatedly became victim to sexual violence. The film starts in German theatres on October 27th by Zorro Film Verleih. It won an award for Best Directing at the festival in Montreal.