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Opening film announced


World Premiere: “No Sex is No Option” to Open the 18th Oldenburg International Film Festival

[Translate to Englisch:] © STUDIOCANAL / Stephan Luca und Marleen Lohse

The star-studded comedy has its world premiere at the debut of a new festival venue: for the first time ever, the Opening Gala will be held at Oldenburg’s EWE Arena.

Hamburg based writer, Mia Morgowski, landed a surprise bestseller in 2008 with her book, “No sex is no option”, which now finds its way into German cinemas. Morgowski reveals the crucial misunderstandings between men and women with a refreshing, sometimes achingly funny, tone. Director Torsten Wacker (Süperseks) proves yet again, that off beat romantic comedies are his real strength. Stephan Luca (“Men in the City”, “Rabbit Without Ears”) heads an impressive cast of characters alongside: Marleen Lohse (“Maria, He Doesn't Like It”), Armin Rohde (“Barefoot”), Corinna Harfouch (“Downfall”), Hannelore Elsner (“Time You Change”), Anna Thalbach (“The Baader Meinhof Complex”), tv-host Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, and handball-star Stefan Kretzschmar.

The film will have its World Premiere on Wednesday, September 14th 2011, at 7pm in the EWE Arena. Transformed into a cinema for this one night event, the venue is an exciting location for this years’ Festival’s Opening Night Gala and World Premiere, and can host an audience of 1200. In attendance at the premiere will be Torsten Wacker and members of the star-studded cast, in addition to an international guest list of filmmakers.

About the movie: Tom (Stephan Luca) works at an advertising agency. He doesn’t understand women, but he does understand how to get them to sleep with him - and frequently. And he has one iron rule: he dumps every girl after the third time they have sex. When Elisa (Marleen Lohse) joins the agency his convictions are challenged, because suddenly he is the one getting dumped. As if this stress wasn’t enough to shake his foundation, his boss confides in him that the company is almost broke. To save his job, Tom has to secure a very big contract - but his negotiating partner is none other than his ex, Lydia, which makes the transaction a little awkward. “No sex is no option” is a perfect example of intelligent, easy-going, and free-flowing German comedy. The adaptation of Mia Morgowski’s bestseller is an astute, clever study of male behavior, with characters that are oftentimes intentionally caricaturized, and because of that, highly and hilariously revealing. Torsten Wacker’s portrait of an egomaniacal macho man in an existential crisis delivers its humor fast, dry and witty. But at the same time the film manages to be a declaration of love for Northern Germany as well. It has star power even in the smallest roles and the inspired acting lets this film really shine.

The film is released nationwide in German theatres on December 1st 2011 by STUDIOCANAL (formerly KINOWELT).