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news overview > Cannes Classics 2011 / RP Kahl' s "Angel Express" out on DVD / "Reach for me" on Demand

Cannes Classics 2011 / RP Kahl' s "Angel Express" out on DVD / "Reach for me" on Demand



Since 2004, Festival de Cannes has offered the section “Cannes Classics”, showcasing rediscovered and re-mastered iconic films from Cinema history. This year, the works of several legendary Directors are included- many of whose films have been previously presented to and celebrated by German audiences at the Oldenburg Film Festival.

5 years ago, the legendary ‘New Hollywood’ director Jerry Schatzberg’s film “Puzzle if a Downfall Child” was featured at Oldenburg’s “Retrospective” in a tribute to his body of work- including “Scarecrow” (which won the Palm d’Or in 1973). His debut film is still regarded as one of the very best first films of all times. This year, the re-mastered version will get both a cinematic release in France (and possibly the United States), and will be presented in Cannes by Jerry Schatzberg himself on May 12th at 8pm in the Salle du 60ième.

In 2003, the Oldenburg Film Festival dedicated a “Retrospective” to the unique works of a master and iconic director - Philippe de Broca (who sadly passed away a mere year later). This year, Cannes has included his “The Magnificent Secret Agent” in its Tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo (using a brand new film copy) at the Cinéma de la Plage. This exquisite film (about a writer whose famous literary character takes on a life on its own as he begins to identify more and more with his creation) is screening in Cannes on May 18th at 9.30pm.



RP KAHL’S Ground Breaking Cult Hit out on DVD«

RP Kahl’s explosive debut feature “Angel Express” was the Oldenburg’s Film Festival’s Opening Night Gala film in 1998. Critically acclaimed for the zeitgeist impact of its lasting images, stunning editing, and breathtaking score, the film evokes visions of a hauntingly beautiful yet electric Metropolis - which Berlin had become at the end of the last Millennium. This year, in response to a newly invigorated interest and demand, (triggered by the critical success of Kahl’s BEDWAY’S (rated Best German Film in the Top 10 Film List of 2010 by Spiegel online), RP Kahl toured the Festival circuit, premiering “Angel Express: Director’s Cut” at the Max-Ophüls-Award in Saarbrücken, and was honoured at the Achtung Berlin – New Berlin Film Awards, and the Soho International Film Festival in New York (Official Entry of the German Cultural Ministry). Its rave reviews deem it both timeless and classic.

“After 13 years RP Kahl’s Angel Express has achieved cult status. It is the definite symphony of a city defined by clubs and scenes, nervy yet irresistible, even though the story mainly consists of a gun handed from one person to the next. Kahl produced a director’s cut which is not to be missed at the seventh edition of the Achtung Berlin – New Berlin Film Award.”

Frank Noack, Tagesspiegel

“RP Kahl’s debut film from 1998 has undergone some editing changes and a radical story makeover. The film never shows its age, but Berlin’s reality has aged all the more. Thus it becomes a sleek black neo-expressionist ode to a metropolis, carried by a sense of style that no other film at this year’s Ophüls-Award could even remotely match.”

Rüdiger Suchsland, Berliner Zeitung

The new version of the film has been jointly produced by RP Kahl and festival director Tosten Neumann. It is released on DVD on May 13th as the fifth instalment of the Midnite Xpress Collection and can be pre-ordered at a special price from For more information visit


»”Reach for Me” SEE IT On Demand«

“Reach for Me”- the debut film by actor/director LeVar Burton- can now be enjoyed at home. Burton, who was Jury President at the 2008 Oldenburg Film Festival, presented the World Premiere of his film that year together with cast member Oscar-nominated Seymour Cassel (an Oldenburg legend and annual patron) and producer Charlene Blaine-Schulenberg. This touching and unrepentantly heartbreaking film about a hospice portrays its location not as a place for dying but rather as a space where those who are doomed to die soon can enjoy a fulfilment of life. During its premiere at the Oldenburg Film Festival, it moved the audience to tears. After an extended tour on the festival circuit and many award nominations, the film is now available on DVD, Blu Ray and as digital download. For more information visit: