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Oldenburg Film Festival is coming of age


There will be an Oldenburg Film Festival No. 18. After the forced budget cuts by the municipal council in 2010 the festival was financially endangered. Grants by the city of Oldenburg were cut by more than half. In December 2010 the municipal council got together and with the votes of CDU, Green Party and Free Voters Association took back some of the harshest cuts from last year, leaving the festival well short of the original funding, but securing finances enough for a continued operation. The municipal budget for 2011 – still under review by the municipal superintendent – provides 77.000 Euro in funding for the festival.

This is a very good sign for us and more than enough reason to continue with the festival in Oldenburg. If nothing else, the very high attendance turnout despite fewer screenings at last year’s festival was giving a clear indication that the festival is of vital interest for cinema lovers in Oldenburg and for the film industry as well.

The 18th Oldenburg International Filmfestival will take place from September 14th to September 18th 2011.