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Official festival trailer released


The annual press conference commenced with the premiere of this year’s festival trailer, which can be seen nationwide starting August 19th. The three minute film is a spoof of an independent film, taking its cues from THE ARISTOCRATS, which was shown in Oldenburg in 2005: In ARISTOFROGS, a number of actors, among them Bela B. Felsenheimer, Peter Lohmeyer, Stacy Keach, Ken Russell, Seymour Cassel, and Catherine Flemming, find themselves in locations like 5th Avenue, a hotel in Montreal, a garden hut in Hamburg, or a frog pond in Vancouver, and tell the same joke. The directors of the segments are: John Gallagher, Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, and Jan Hinrik Drevs. The glory belongs to the joke’s protagonists – a frog, which captured the hearts of the festival team and found its way into the program.

The reason for the frog-theme is a rather unpleasant one: Just a few weeks ago it was announced by the city council that the 52.500 Euro support by the City Oldenburg is cancelled. Added to that is a scheduled cut in EFRE support by 10.200 Euros, which leaves the festival short more than 60.000 Euros this year. The festival trailer asks the question how much importance we ascribe to culture in today’s society.