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First film highlights of this year’s festival


Two Spanish films are having their German premieres in Oldenburg: Agustí Vila’s complex family portrait THE MOSQUITO NET (starring Emma Suárez and Geraldine Chaplin) has just been honored as best film at the Karlovy Vary festival. Eduard Cortes’ heartbreaking and chilling film INGRID follows the steps of its protagonist into a mysterious world between dream and reality. After the worldwide success of his first film THE LIVING AND THE DEAD Simon Rumley comes to Oldenburg with an equally disturbing feature. RED WHITE & BLUE is the first film from Celluloid Nightmares, a new label formed through the merger of Celluloid Dreams and XYZ Films. Provoking, experimental and shameless are just a few attributes to describe Harmony Korine’s latest masterwork TRASH HUMPERS. The film follows four sociopaths into the abyss of American white trash culture. Korine came to fame with the script for Larry Clark’s KIDS and his cult-debut GUMMO. The most talked about independent sci-fi flick MONSTERS by Gareth Edwards will also be running in Oldenburg in order to continue its celebration of original low budget cinema.