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news overview > DISTANCE in Florida / BEDWAYS found distribution / BABYLON on DVD

DISTANCE in Florida / BEDWAYS found distribution / BABYLON on DVD


»German Independence Award winner DISTANCE in Orlando, FL«

Last year’s winner of the German Independence Award – Best German Film DISTANCE by Thomas Sieben now will be screened from April 30th on at the Plaza Cinema Café in Orlando, Florida. The cooperation between the Oldenburg Film Festival and the US-cinema is supported by german films. The screening in the box office program is intended for the promotion of the film abroad. In Germany, the pic will have its cinematic release on August, 19th.


»BEDWAYS by RP Kahl is coming to German cinemas«

Helmer RP Kahl’s film BEDWAYS, also produced by Oldenburg’s festival director Torsten Neumann, likewise awaits its upcoming cinematic release. Recently, the film founds its distributor in the company Reverse Angle (founded by Peter Schwartzkopff and Wim Wenders). BEDWAYS was screened at the Berlin Film Festival in the section Perspective German Cinema and at the Festival Achtung Berlin.

The German cinematic release date is June 3rd, 2010. For further information, please follow this link:


»Ralf Huettner’s BABYLON finally on DVD«

At the first Oldenburg Film Festival in 1994, a film was screened which is still unique in German filmmaking: A German horror film, which reminds with its stylistic devices of the grandseigneurs Mario Bava or Dario Argento.

At first, swanky Lothar and soft hospital nurse Anna unifies nothing than an one-night-stand, but a burst condom becomes the forerunner of the far-reaching consequences.  Lothar proves to be a ruthless lady killer. When Maria conceives, her life becomes a nightmare without escape.

You can order the disc at


»More current DVD releases and successes«

Recently, federal films which premiered in Oldenburg during the festival, has been released on DVD. One highlight is the pic MR 73 by Olivier Marchal. EuroVideo published this crime thriller in DVD and in Blue Ray format. Furthermore, the fest’s opening night films of 2006 VINETA by Franziska Stuenkel and of 2009, DESERT FLOWER by Sherry Hormann, are available.

In 2007, Frank A Cappello’s HE WAS A QUIET MAN celebrated its international premiere in Oldenburg. Now, the film was released as an insert of the German TV guide TV Direkt. For its small price of 3,30 Euro it’s a low-cost opportunity to get this quality pic. The German magazine SPIEGEL proclaimed this release as the hot tip of the week. The black-humoured satirical film shows once more the versatility of Christian Slater. He plays in the role of a grumpy clerk, who saves the life of his colleagues by chance. So, the maverick becomes a media celeb. The magazine edition will be available until April 29th.

Moreover, the amok drama POLYTECHNIQUE, which was screened at the last edition of the Oldenburg fest, celebrates achievements. It received several Genie Awards, the prices of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, amongst other the award for the best feature, the best direction and the best script. The Oldenburg Film Festival congratulates.

Furthermore remarkable is the prize which Thomas Stiller achieved. His film 12 WINTER swept the board at the Jupiter Awards. The ceremony took place April 16th in Berlin. Stiller screened several of his films in Oldenburg and was the director of four trailers of the Oldenburg Film Festival, including the last year’s adaption of a scene of Woody Allen’s ANNIE HALL.