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"Sunday Girls" in TV / Jobs at the Festival


»”Sunday Girls” will be broadcasted in German-Austrian-Suisse television«

„Mädchen am Sonntag“ (Sunday Girls) is the third film of the successful 99euro-films label which was founded at Filmfest Oldenburg and has produced a number of critically acclaimed films. Festival director Torsten Neumann and RP Kahl produced the film together. It is a documentary about four young German actresses: Nicolette Krebitz, Laura Tonke, Katharina Schüttler and Inga Birkenfeld. The film was awarded the Hessian Film Award for the Best Young Director. After a successful screening at the Oldenburg Festival the film was theatrically released in 2007. On January 10th German-Austrian-Suisse television station 3Sat will show the film at 10:45pm.

Here are two quotes, which were published in German newspapers:

“Virtually French in its way of throwing a loving glance at the women”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“A declaration of love to women and to cinema”

A DVD of the film with optional English subtitles is available for international shipment in the good movies online shop.



»“5 days in 7 min“ – Review of the Oldenburg Film Festival on its homepage«


Like in the last years the recent Oldenburg Film Festival was documented by filmmaker Dirk Rohde. His new film “5 days in 7 min” reviews five eventful, intensive and thrilling days in September. You can find the hyperlink to the video directly on the homepage of the Oldenburg Film Festival.



» Jobs at the 17th Oldenburg International Film Festival«


The festival couldn’t exist without its loyal and dedicated staff. Providing an opportunity for students and young professionals to get a taste of film festival reality we are looking for interns to work at the 16th Oldenburg International Film Festival. We are especially looking for support in the following areas:

For further information please visit the festival’s homepage. Applications can be send via mail or email.