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news overview > Start of the new submission period / "Desert Flower" oversteps million hurdle / Theatrical releases / "Klick gemacht" in German TV

Start of the new submission period / "Desert Flower" oversteps million hurdle / Theatrical releases / "Klick gemacht" in German TV


»Submissions period for the upcoming Oldenburg Film Festival will start December 4th«

From December 4th on, the submission of films to the Oldenburg Film Festival will be possible. You will find the regulations and the entry form on the festival website ( Additionally, you can submit by using the entry service following the link on the website.


»”Desert Flower” oversteps the million hurdle«

The opening film of this year’s festival with the title “Desert Flower” keeps on enjoying great popularity by the German theatrical audience. Now, the attendance overstepped the million hurdle. After the successful screenings at other famous festivals like the Venice Film Festival and the San Sebastian Festival, Sherry Hormann’s bestseller adaptation triumphs at last at the cinema box office. The Oldenburg Film Festival is proud to be a part of this success and compliment the filmmakers and the distributor on these outstanding results.


»Theatrical releases of festival films«

Fortunately, films that were screened in Oldenburg will be made accessible to a bigger cinema audience. “Love Song”, which was nominated for the “German Independence Award – Best German Film” and received a special mention of the jury in 2009, will be released in German cinemas on December 10th by the distributor Zorro Film. Anne Høegh Krohn’s moving romantic movie with Jan Plewka and Nicolette Krebitz was made with musical elements that give goosebump.

In the United States James DeMonaco’s “Staten Island” started on November 20th. First of all, the film excites by the amazing acting of Seymour Cassel and Ethan Hawke.  As euphoric as the reaction of the audience in Oldenburgthe New York Times published that critic about the film and Cassel’s performance:

“Mr. DeMonaco adroitly weaves violence, absurdity and sentiment, even an environmental consciousness, into a modest, appealing fable [...] Sully’s (Hawke) pal Jasper Sabiano, the veteran actor Seymour Cassel, in brilliant form, is deaf and works in a deli, chopping corpses for Parmie (D’onofrio) in the back room when he isn’t packaging salami.  But it’s the weathered countenance and luminous eyes of Mr. Cassel’s Gigot-like Jasper that ultimately deliver the story’s tender wallop.”

Furthermore, the film “Fix”, which was screened in the Independent Section at the Oldenburg Festival in 2008, found its way to the US-cinemas.


»“Klick gemacht” will be broadcasted in German television«

The episode „Klick gemacht“ of the TV-series „Polizeiruf 110“, which was presented by Stephan Wagner and Simon Licht at the 16th Oldenburg Film Festival, will be broadcasted for the first time in German television. The film was supposed to establish the new agent duo, played by Stefanie Stappenbeck and Jörg Hube. Because of the sudden death of Hube, it is the first and the last episode with this team and the last role of the awesome actor.

On November 29th German television station ARD will show the film at 8.15 pm