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news overview > Awards for "Son of the Sunshine" / "Faces" in German TV / DVD releases

Awards for "Son of the Sunshine" / "Faces" in German TV / DVD releases


»”Son of the Sunshine” succeeds at festivals«

 After all the admired presentations of “Son of the Sunshine”, the outstanding directing debut of the Canadian Ryan Ward, in Oldenburg, at the British Raindance Festival and at the Vancouver Film Festival, there are more successes to be announced. With a summation of 16 nominations, the film received six awards at the Wild Rose Indy Film Fest in Iowa. Most notably, Ryan Ward was honoured as the best director and best actor. Furthermore, he will tour around the festival circuit and will present his film to the audience in December at the Anchorage Film Festival in Alaska.


»”Faces“ will be broadcasted in German television«

 The German broadcaster WDR will screen John Cassavetes’ classic “Faces” from 1968 with Gena Rowlands and Seymour Cassel on Saturday, November 21st, 2009, at 11.30 pm. The Chicago Sun-Times wrote at the time of the premiere:

 “John Cassavetes' "Faces" is the sort of film that makes you want to grab people by the neck and drag them into the theater and shout: "Here!" It would be a triumphant shout. Year after year, we get a tide of bilge that passes for "the American way of life" in the movies.”

 After his debut film “Shadows” (1959) and “A Child Is Waiting” (1963), “Faces” was the first project in which the actor and director Cassavetes realized all his cinematic imaginations. The prosaic documental camera conform itself to the play of the actors, who reproduce the emotional drama of an up breaking matrimony in a strictness without staginess. Seymour Cassel, honoured with an “OLB – Walk of Fame” star, was nominated for his role as Chet for the Oscar as the best actor in a supporting role. The film was screened in 1998 in the course of the tribute for Seymour Cassel in Oldenburg. To all who missed it at that time, here is one more chance to see that film.


 »DVD releases of Oldenburg’s festival films«

 On time for Christmas, some films, which premiered in Oldenburg, are released also in this year at the German Market. The movie “Choke” was already published on October, 16th. Clark Gregg’s adaptation of the novel of the cult author Chuk Palahniuk was screened successfully in 2008 at the Oldenburg Festival. A film, which caused quite a stir in the penitentiary of Oldenburg in the same year, was the German production “Baching”. Furthermore, “Pontypool”, an ingenious intimate play about a baneful virus, was released.

 In addition in the pre-Christmas period, the movie “NO-DO: The Beckoning” can be found in the stores. However, the DVD is already available by video rental stores. Here you will find also the adaptation of Jack Ketchum’s “Offspring” from December 5th on and the Oldenburg gala film “Last Stop 174” from December 17th on. The sale of these films will start in spring 2010.