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Nominees of the German Independence Award announced


The big news at the announcement of the nominees for the “German Independence Award – Best German Film” was the new structure of the prices. The price money of the award will be split this year with part of the 8000 Euro going to the director and the other part going to a German distributor. For the first time a genre film was nominated for the award. “I’m excited about the jury’s reaction“, said festival director Torsten Neumann at the press conference. German Independence Award – Best German Film”. The following films are nominated:

Die Liebe der Kinder (Wallace Line): Director Franz Müller casts a look into the everyday struggles of modern patchwork families. Single parents Maren and Robert find some intimacy but at the same time their kids discover first love.

Distanz (Distance): Thomas Sieben’s oppressive psycho drama sees Ken Duken slip into the role of a thoroughly insecure person with a tendency for violent outbursts. Can he change through the unconditional love of a woman? Franziska Weisz plays Duken’s counterpart. She is known from earlier works like “Hundstage” or “Hotel”.

Liebeslied (Lovesong): Anne Høegh Krohn’s family drama is a tragic affair which she presents as a contemporary musical. Powerful and breathtaking are Jan Plewka’s and Nicolette Krebitz’ sining parts, casting chills down the audience’s spine as they put all of their sorrows into song.

21:37: Director Michal Ostatkiewicz graduated with this film and presents it as a world premier in Oldenburg. He sketches the portrait of a young woman who has to learn the hard way how to take responsibility for her own life. Shooting star Jana Klinge gives a convincing performance.

Must Love Death: Romantic Comedy meets torture horror: Oldenburg born director and writer Andreas Schaap uses the slightly off-kilter Norman to merge these two opposing genres.