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Retrospective Bruno Barreto - Tribute Siegel/McGehee


13-8-2009 - Filmfest Oldenburg honors filmmaker Bruno Barreto

His first short film was done at the tender age of 10. Only seven years later he finished his feature debut TATI, THE GIRL. At the age of 21 the enthusiastic director had his international break-through with the highly acclaimed comedy DONA FLOR AND HER TWO HUSBANDS. More than 12 million viewers and a nomination for a Golden Globe as best foreign language film in 1979 made this lighthearted fantasy one of Brazil’s most successful movies.
Along with ROMEO AND JULIET GET MARRIED, BOSSA NOVA and FOUR DAYS IN SEPTEMBER, the director, screenwriter and producer Barreto will also introduce the film CARRIED AWAY made in the US. His latest movie LAST STOP 174 was filmed again in Barreto’s hometown Rio de Janeiro and pictures the children in the local slums. The director worked together with Bráulio Mantovani who had also written the script of CITY OF GOD.

»The Tribute is dedicated to Scott McGehee and David Siegel«

For more than 15 years the American directing duo Siegel/McGehee has been successfully making films, baring the depths of the human soul with every single one of them. Their output is characterized by their different viewpoints and the always present questions of truth and fate which are at the centre of all their films. Their first feature film SUTURE was hailed in Cannes and won the award for best director at International Film Fest Sitges. Along with this neo noir film Siegel & McGehee are also introducing THE DEEP END and BEE SEASON on the international film festival in Oldenburg. The former premiered at the Sundance Festival. Tilda Swinton gives a stunning performance as the fragile, self-sacrificing yet cool mother in an intimate and intelligent thriller. BEE SEASON is about a Jewish father discovering his daughter’s talent in spelling words. His desire to win spelling-bees becomes an obsession.