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news overview > "Shadow of the Holy Book" on Sundance Channel. "Sunday Girls" in German TV. EARLY BIRD deadline for film entries (April 24th)

"Shadow of the Holy Book" on Sundance Channel. "Sunday Girls" in German TV. EARLY BIRD deadline for film entries (April 24th)


»“Shadow of the Holy Book“ will be screened on the Sundance Channel in June«

“Shadow of the Holy Book” which was screened in the 15th edition of the Oldenburg International Film Festival will be shown on the prestigious Sundance Channel in June 2009, joining other acclaimed independent productions.
And that’s the story line:
The fall of the Soviet Union turned the Turkmen despot Saparmurad Nijasow from a Moscow-controlled viceregent into a self-proclaimed emperor of five million people. When the dictator died in December of 2006 he left his people a destroyed economy and the Ruhnama. This “Book of the Soul” is influential even after his death. The strange collection of crude morals and made-up history is mandatory reading in all schools and knowledge of the text is prerequisite for university-entry and getting a drivers license.

Arto Halonen and his team follow the trail of the book’s history – a mediocre text claiming to be the book of books, like many before it. The Ruhnama has been translated into 41 languages, thanks to the sponsoring of multinational companies who try to get favorable deals with the mineral-rich desert-country. To run a successful business in Turkmenistan interested companies have to sponsor a translation of the book.

»„Mädchen am Sonntag“ on German TV on May 2nd«

„Mädchen am Sonntag“ (Sunday Girls) is the third film of the successful 99euro-films label which was founded at Filmfest Oldenburg and has produced a number of critically acclaimed films. Festival director Torsten Neumann and RP Kahl produced the film together. It is a documentary about four young German actresses: Nicolette Krebitz, Laura Tonke, Katharina Schüttler and Inga Birkenfeld. The film was awarded the Hessische Filmpreis for Best Young Director. After a successful screening at the Oldenburg Festival the film was theatrically released in 2007. On May 2nd German television station WDR will show the film at 11:15pm.

Here are two quotes, which were published in German newspapers:

“Virtually French in its way of throwing a loving glance at the women”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“A declaration of love to women and to cinema”

A DVD of the film with optional English subtitles is available for international shipment in the good movies online shop.

»“The Stranger in Me” continues to win awards«

In the previous newsletter we proudly announced that „The Stranger in Me“ had been invited by a number of festivals. Now the film continues to win awards as well. Having won three awards at the Oldenburg Festival (becoming the first film to do so) it also captured the Best Movie Award at the Italian Alba International Film Festival in March, making this the ninth award after raking in the trophies at Oldenburg, Brussels, Sao Paolo and Mar del Plata.

»Early Bird deadline for film entries to the Oldenburg Festival«

Until April 24th 2009 directors and producers can still enter their films for consideration of inclusion into the 16th International Oldenburg Film Festival for a reduced fee. Up to that date all rates for entries (short and feature films) are reduced by 5 Euro. The regular entry deadline is June 24th 2009. The entry date is the date of reception of the entry fee and the post stamp on the mandatory screener and entry form. Entry forms can be found on the festival’s homepage. As an alternative the webservice Withoutabox can be used for entering films.